Our Story

Hi! I'm Jo and I’m from Milton, PA – a small town that is growing and thriving with lots of small businesses opening up, and a strong presence of the arts! I formed Chienne Pawtisserie, LLC (pronounced /shen/) in February 2022 as a home-based dog bakery. But those are just facts. Let’s get to the heart of things!

Short version:

I love dogs. I love to bake. I love baking dog treats that are flavorful and healthy for our furry friends.

Long version:

I’ve always loved to bake but around 2018-2019 I got really serious about it. I spent a lot of time studying, researching, and practicing. I began researching what it would take to open my own bakery either at home or as a storefront. Then something happened that made me see I could make a huge pivot in my idea of baking. We adopted Storm!!

Adoption day was the Best. Day. Ever. I have no idea if Storm knew what was happening but he was REALLY excited about getting out of the shelter and going for a car ride! I felt so bad for the other dogs who didn’t get adopted that day, the dogs we were leaving behind, and the only thing I could think to do for them was bake. So I made my first ever batch of cupcakes for pups and my husband and I got to personally feed each dog their treat! It certainly didn’t make up for not finding their own family that day, but it was so awesome to give each dog five seconds of joy! That’s when the flicker of an idea started coming to me.

Over the next few months, I started making treats for Storm. He is my heart. I want to spoil him but I want to do so in ways that are good for him, too. Because I once had dogs who experienced many medical issues, I’m a bit picky about Storm’s overall health and well-being. I started doing a lot of research about the ingredients in Storm’s foods and treats, which helped me to develop treat recipes that I feel confident about. Storm has a better diet than I do! I know many other dog owners whose pups have allergies or intolerances to different things….peanuts, grains, gluten, wheat, etc. It becomes challenging to find treats that are safe and still yummy.

I started giving treats I made to friends and I got a lot of positive feedback. Some picky pups out there that couldn’t or wouldn’t eat commercially made treats were loving my products! That flicker of an idea had finally become a flame and I made that huge pivot from “I’m going to bake for people” to “I’m going to bake for dogs!” I researched all of the legalities, jumped through all the hoops and red tape, completed product testing through a laboratory – all to make sure I was doing this the right way. And here we are! Creating top notch, artisan dog treats while taking great care in sourcing and using high-quality ingredients. It gives me great joy to know that your pup’s belly will be filled with something yummy and healthy from Chienne Pawtisserie, LLC!